WILD SIDE. -Tendencias Otoño-Invierno 2019-

WILD SIDE. -Autumn-Winter 2019 Trends-

Aug 21, 2019

Yes, we are talking about classics, the cheetah animal print is the classic par excellence. It has existed since the beginning of time, if I know, at that time it was not only a print, it was the skins with which they were covered, but only the most important could use it and this is a constant in many past cultures.

Currently this print is only for the most daring. It imposes strength, daring and sensuality, everyone will see you when using a pattern like this.

Now let's talk about the advantages it has in your closet; It will never go out of style, it combines with everything and you can wear it in the garment of your choice. Whether in jeans, blouses, coats or shoes, you will never look bad no matter what size you are. If you are starting to get fond of it but you feel that it is too much, you can start little by little, either as a detail in your shoes, a scarf, a belt or a blouse. Although if you are more daring, you can not miss a coat! My favorite combo will always be fake fur with a t-shirt, leather bottoms and statement boots.

Pro-tip: This print is the "neutral" of the prints, it combines with everything! Now dare to be creative and make a thousand combinations. Buying some animal print will always be a good investment. 

If I have not convinced you yet, I leave you a little street style inspo here:

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