SCTY Trends: Off White

Since last year we have been seeing this very strong trend and not only in fashion; It comes from decoration, architecture, to marketing. Everything is heading towards simplicity, lines  clean and basic colors.

Fashion houses such as Jaquemus, Chloe and Fendi propose that we leave color aside and focus on a mixture of silhouettes and textures. The coolest bloggers have used it even in the aesthetics of their feeds and therefore in the colors of their outfits.


The fantastic thing about this trend is how easy it is to achieve harmony in your outfit with just a few elements, just focus on applying a similar color range throughout your outfit or you can choose to add it to just one of your accessories making it the protagonist, either in a bag or in your shoes.


One of the colors that took more strength was beige or bone, we see it as total looks or in accessories such as bags and footwear. But if yours is not the total look you can add it only in some accessories, as long as you do not forget that they must be iconic, not because the trend is simple it should look boring, with little you can achieve an impact look. Some jeans along with a TSHIRT and your CHARLES heels and believe me you will be the most fantastic!



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Paola C March 26, 2021

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