We work hard to ensure that your shoes have the perfect fit, so don't worry and ask for your exact size.

If for some reason a model is a little reduced or wide, we will let you know in the product description, we also have advice via email ( or click on the WhatsApp icon on your screen.

Remember that we also have changes* if your new #SCTYShoes don't suit you.

* We ask you to read our exchange and return policy.


Follow these steps to find your ideal size:

1. You need a flat surface, a sheet, a pen, and a ruler.
2. Place your foot on the paper with all your weight on that foot, if someone can help you better.
3. Trace the outline of your foot with the feather or down in a fully vertical position.
4. Now, measure from the center of your heel to the highest point of your foot.
Your size is the measurement in centimeters, that is, if your foot measures between 23.4cm and 24.3 cm your size would be rounded to 24. If your foot is wide in that case you must order size 24.5 since 24 and 24.5 measure exactly what The same length (24cm) only changes the width by increasing 5 millimeters. 
Use the size chart, if you still have questions contact us and we will gladly advise you.