How can I place an order online?

Buying at SOCIETY is very simple.

  • Browse our page and find the products you want to buy.
  • Select the size, color and quantity you want and click add to your cart.
  • As soon as the new product has been added you can continue with your purchase or proceed with the payment.
  • Click to see your cart to see all the added products.
  • Check that all the products, sizes, colors and quantities are correct and if necessary you can modify, add or delete them in this step.
  • And proceed with the payment by clicking on secure payment.

    How long will my order be confirmed?

    Your order will be confirmed once the payment has been registered in our system. This can take between 1 to 6 business days, depending on the payment method. Once the payment is registered, you will receive a confirmation email with the summary of the products and the total amount of the order.

    After my order is confirmed, can I change my contact information and delivery address?

    We know how exciting it is to receive your orders on time and correctly, therefore, after the order is confirmed, no changes can be made to your delivery address and contact information. However, if you want to update your data for future orders, you can do so at any time from your account.

    What is my order number? Where do I find it?

    Once the payment is made, a new page will appear with the summary of your order. In the upper left corner you will find your order number. In case of not receiving it, please write us an e-mail to info@scty.mx.

    Why does my order status show "pending payment"? Should I re-create a new order?

    Most payments are processed immediately, however, depending on the payment method, it can take between 1-6 business days to register in our system. Once we register your payment, you will receive a confirmation via e-mail with a summary of your order. If more than a week passes and you still do not receive this confirmation, please contact us at info@scty.mx.

    I'm having trouble applying my promo code to my order.

    Check that the promotional code is still valid, that it has not been used previously, that it applies with other promotions and / or is valid on discounted products or on all brands.

    What do I do if my order arrived incomplete or one of the products is defective?

    Please contact our team Customer Support within a maximum of 3 business days from the date the order was delivered and have your order number, details and images of the product at hand to verify the situation. In case of receiving a defective product, remember not to throw the product away since to proceed with the exchange or refund you must return the product (s) involved. Similarly, you can send an email to info@scty.mx explaining the problem and attach images that prove your case. As soon as our customer service team receives your request for a change, they will contact you and review the case.

    I have problems placing my order.

    SCTY.mx it is compatible with all devices and browsers. We suggest you try to refresh your browser and clear the cache and try again to place your order. If this still doesn't work, try using a different browser.


    Is it safe to buy at SCTY.mx?

    SOCIETY prides itself on providing a safe shopping experience. Your personal information is kept secure and private throughout the payment process. In fact, we work with CONEKTA payment solutions and we do not share or sell your personal data to third parties. Read our privacy notice here.

    What type of payment methods can I use at scty.mx?

    In SCTY.mx you can make your purchases by paying through debit and credit cards Visa, Mastercard and American Express for a maximum amount of 5,000 pesos. You can also make your payment in all Oxxo de la República stores for a maximum amount of 10,000 pesos and through interbank transfers with no limit on the amount.

    Why does my order status show "pending payment"? Should I recreate a new order?

    Most payments are processed immediately, however, depending on the payment method, it can take between 1-6 business days to be reflected in our system. Once we register your payment, you will receive a confirmation via e-mail with a summary of your order. If more than this period has passed and you still have not received this confirmation, please contact us at info@scty.mx.

    How can I invoice my order?


    To invoice your order you must send us an email to info@scty.mx with the following information:


    2.- RFC.


    4.- TAX ADDRESS.


    6.- PAYMENT METHOD (debit card, credit card, check, deposit in OXXO or Transfer).

    7.- PAYMENT CONDITIONS (A single exhibition or payment in months).

    8.- USE OF THE CFDI.


    In the same way, you can contact info@scty.mx for more help.

    How long do I have to invoice an order?

    Remember that you have until the 27th of the month in which your purchase was made to request your invoice, if your purchase was made on the 27th or later, it must be requested on the same day that the purchase was made. All you have to do is send an email to info@scty.mx with the order number and the amount to be invoiced together with your complete billing information and we will send you your invoice to the email you indicate.



    How long does it take for my purchase to arrive?

    With our standard shipping, you'll be enjoying your delivery in 2-7 business days!

    We explain the process: Once your purchase is reflected in our system, you will receive a confirmation email with the delivery details (this will depend on the payment method you have selected). It will take a maximum of 2 days to prepare your order and leave our warehouse. After that, the courier will collect the package and it will not take more than 5 days to reach the comfort of your home, office or the place you prefer. For the interior of the Republic the delivery time depends on the destination postal code and the delivery frequency of the parcel system suitable for your locality. We ask you to read our shipping policies here.

    I work and there is no one to receive my package. What can I do?

    When your package is on the delivery route, we will notify you by email that your order is on its way, providing you with a link where you can track the delivery route.

    You can authorize someone else to receive your package as long as they identify themselves.

    If you are in the interior of the republic, your order will be sent by RedPack; If after two visits, we have not coincided, your package will return to our CEDIS, in case you request our customer service department; It will be sent to the RedPack branch closest to your delivery address. You will have a maximum of 5 business days to withdraw your order, presenting yourself with an official identification and your guide number.

    After this period, the package will be returned to our warehouse.

    If you would still like to receive the ordered product (s) we will provide you with a virtual coupon so that you can generate a new order. You must enter our website and place the order again.

    We invite you to read our shipping policies here.

    My order has not arrived. What happens if the package does not arrive in the estimated time?

    If that happens, please contact us at info@scty.mx to be able to follow up as soon as possible.

    Does shipping have any cost?

    Standard shipping has a cost of $ 105.00 pesos (MXN) within Mexico City. For the rest of the Republic it will depend on the place to deliver. By adding the products to your cart and proceeding with the payment, you will be able to know the exact shipping cost. Take into account that in some promotions, products or campaigns you can get shipping for FREE.

    Shipments are made exclusively in the Mexican Republic.


    How do I return a product?

    You have 3 business days from the date you received it, to return your products. 

    Upon receiving the product at the indicated address, you are obliged to review the product. If the package shows any damage or signs of tampering, contact the shipping department immediately. Customer service. Only damaged or wrong products are subject to our return policies. See the specs below.

    Return Policy in detail:

  • 1) Contact the department of Customer service.
  • 2) Provide supporting evidence, such as a photograph of the defect or damage in addition to the order number and a text explaining the damage to the product.
  • 3) Our Customer Service department will contact you in a maximum of 7 business days where we will evaluate the status of your order.
  • 4) Deliver the product (s) in the original box, with the guide provided by the advisor; at the nearest RedPack parcel branch. 

    If the return is successful, we will immediately begin the process of your refund. The refund consists of a credit coupon equal to the value of the returned product (s).

    We ask you to read our exchange and return policies here.


    Can I return all the products?

    SOCIETY is committed to offering products in perfect condition. However, it is possible for an article to show minor irregularities, although this happens very rarely. If the product you have received is defective, please contact the department of Customer service.


    Returns are accepted exclusively on the following products:

  • 1) Products with factory fault
  • 2) Broken products
  • 4) Products different from those ordered in the online order 

    In no case will returns be accepted if the integrity of the product has been altered.

    Can I change a product?

    Yes, as long as the integrity of the product has not been altered. Product changes that come from an offer, discount or promotional activity are not accepted.

    You have 3 business days from the delivery date to contact the department of Customer service and ask for the change. We will take care of processing the partial or total refund (depending on the case), or generating a new order to replace the related product (s) 

    Also remember that once the order has been created, it is not possible to cancel it.

    In what condition should the product and packaging be?

    In the best possible conditions. It is essential that you keep the original packaging, as it is as important as the product itself; take care of it, keep it and handle it with the utmost care, in this way you will not have any inconvenience when making the return or exchange. If you haven't kept it, look for a similar wrap to protect it. Please bear in mind that if you do not keep the original packaging, or if it is in poor condition, your return or exchange may be rejected.

    How do I know if SOCIETY received the product I returned?

    If you have already made your return through RedPack, the tracking code that was provided will help you to track the package on the page of RedPack.

    How long does a return take?

    Once you have completed the return process, the usual average to complete the transaction is 10 business days. After that, you should take into account that the period for reshipping your product or refund varies according to each payment method.

    How does the rebate giftcard work?

    The giftcard is a code that will be sent to you via e-mail and that you can enter on our website when proceeding with the payment. This code is a credit equivalent to the value of your refund that will be recorded in the total to pay of your order. Remember that this giftcard expires in 30 days from the date of shipment, it is unique per user, it can only be used once and does not apply with other current promotions. It is also only redeemable for purchases made on the website.


    How can I create my account?

    At the top left of the web page, you will find an exclusive space to create your account.

    1. Click on "Sign Up".
    2. Complete the form with your data and click on the complete registration button.

    Welcome to #TheMexaSCTY!

    How do I access my account?

    You will find in the upper left part of each page, an exclusive space to access your account. Click on "Login".

    1- Enter the e-mail with which you have previously registered in your account.

    2- Enter your password and click the enter button.

    You are ready! Start browsing and filling your shopping cart

    I forgot my password. What I can do?

    To retrieve your password, go to the Login page. Click on the link "Forgot your password?" and follow these steps:

    1- Enter the email address you used to register.

    2- We will send you an email with the instructions to recover your password.

    3- Go to your email and click on the link.

    4- Once on the page, choose a new password and confirm it.

    Your password will be changed and you can continue shopping!

    Is my data safe with you?

    SOCIETY may provide third party content ("Third Party Content") or links to third party sites as a service to those interested in this information. SOCIETY does not control or endorse any Third Party Content or Third Party Sites and the inclusion of links to Third Party Content or Third Party Sites does not imply any association or relationship between SOCIETY and such third party.

    How can I make my purchase process even more agile?

    You can store your credit card information as part of your account and thus make the process even faster. How can you do it? When you check out your purchase, it will show you the option to save your data. The collection and handling of this information is governed by our Privacy Policy that you can read here.

    How do I delete my account?

    To delete your account write to us at info@scty.mx.



    Are your products authentic?

    Yes. All of our products are proudly made in Mexico in our suppliers' factories.

    Can you notify me when a product that is out of stock returns to the store?

    We love our products and we know how frustrating it is when one of them is out of stock. Please click the button "Join the waiting list", located on the product page. You will automatically receive a notification via email, once it is back in store.

    Can I request or suggest a product?

    We love to hear from our customers! Especially about a product that we currently don't have. Feel free to email us at info@scty.mx, addressed to our Merchandising department.

    Do you have gift cards?

    Yes. But they are for a limited time and in special seasons. If you require one in another season, let us know at info@scty.mx.

    Where can gift cards be redeemed?

    At the moment, gift cards can only be used in our online store.


    If you have any other questions or suggestions, contact us at info@scty.mx and we will be happy to help you.
    ATTE: SCTY Group